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About us

  About us  


About us

About us was the first website for the Amazon created in 2006 and becoming the best website for tourism information. Knowing that there weren’t any websites with accurate information about Amazon, we did a strategy alliance with different hotels and tourism operators so we could bring you the best information give a boost to Eco tourism to the Amazon.

Making tourism in the Amazon is not easy. The distances are long and the ground or fluvial transportation are expensive, that’s the reason why we have to optimize the costs and make personalized tours adventure so we can bring you the best experience in the jungle learning culture and our nature.

Additional we offer conventional daily ECO TOURS for travelers who want to know more about the Amazon.

We hope to bring you helpful information of our services to travelers and our customers.

We recommend you this information:

  • Tips for how to travel and equipment.
  • Must visit regions and attractions.
  • Type of tourism you want to do.

Thanks, for your visit.