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Events and Festivals

Events and Festivals

• Tourist Craft Fair: Starting in 2003, taking place every first Saturday of each month at the premises of the Administrative Department of Public Eco-tourism (DAFE), a whole array of creativity and culture of the artisans of the region.

• Holy Week: in the month of April, celebrated by the Catholic Church in Leticia, which conducts all activities within a week of passion, as Palm Sunday procession, Thursday and Friday, and live ordeal.

• Leticia Birthday: April 25, organized by the city of Leticia, where dawn is performed with motorcycles, cars, floats and recreational activities throughout the day at the park Santander.

• San Pedro Festival: June 30, organized by the colonies of  the states (Huila, Tolima, Santander, coastal, country, Llanera, which are the most representative), where they choose a queen colony, parade of floats and a lot of parties.

• Festival of the Amazon Fellowship:  from 15 to 20 of July, seeking the integration takes place culture, gastronomy, folklore, sports, corporate three bordering countries in the future trying to cover all the nations of the Amazon basin. In all these activities highlighting the International championship sport fishing, boating tests, international football tournament, dance, music and native culture from each country, the international beauty reign, crafts and folk festival in a rumbodromo suitable for occasion. Festival Cultural events are held in the bandshell park Orellana, while sporting, craft and folk are performed using all the necessary infrastructure of the city of Leticia.

• Gold Pirarucú’s Song Festival: in November, where composers and performers of Amazonian Music. Its intended to emphasize and highlight the region's cultural identity. It lasts three days and takes place in the bandshell park Orellana.

• Parade of New Year Rag Toy: December 31, is carried out by the main roads of Leticia, where people have fun throwing water and flour each other, with the sample of rag toy with reference to certain people in the region and national or international public people, the main reason for participating in this festival.