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Puerto Nariņo is located in the Colombian Amazon region, bordering the Republic of Peru, near Loreto Yacu banks of the River, a tributary of the Amazon River, with a distance of 87 km waterway from the city of Leticia, capital Department of Amazonas. Its population is approximately 5490 inhabitants, of whom 1818 live in the urban and 3672 in rural areas , forming communities of ethnic Tikuna, Cocama and Yagua.

The urban area of ​​the municipality is engaged in a great biodiversity, and only 10 minutes by boat is located on Lake Tarapoto, where Amazon pink dolphins are born and raised , a specie unique in the world.

The Municipal Development Plan is part of respect for indigenous life plan and the interest of local government to keep intact the biodiversity, which is why its inhabitants are forbidden to use motor vehicles because the roads are open only to pedestrians, which has earned the name "El Pesebre Natural del Mundo".

The foundation Natutama in Puerto Nariņo has an interpretive center which represents the underwater life to the tourist in a simple but very educational and with the foundation Omacha protect and promote the sustainable use of natural resources.

One of the main attractions in Puerto Nariņo is the landfill, which its management by the Municipal Technical Assistance Unit and Animal UMATA and has been so successful that close to it you dont have the presence of so-called "vultures" as is traditional in these places for the disposal of solid waste, which is why it is very admired by visitors to the municipality.

Do not miss to know the wood viewpoint  called "Nai-Paw", which in the native language means "tree house", where tourists see the town of Puerto Narino, surrounded by the majestic landscape of the Amazon River and rainforest.

You can buy handicrafts made ​​by Amazonian Indians in a striking reddish wood known as "palo de sangre," which is very tough. Also necklaces, earrings and various ornaments, using seeds from the fruits of the region.

Puerto Nariņo is an experience you can not miss. Visit "El pesebre natural del mundo".